I have a general policy with my lovers - I don't befriend their wives. For those of you that have been holding your breath since my last post... if you are a friend of mine, I won't shag your partner. There is a hoes before bros rule that is sacrosanct.

My latest addition, Claud, has proved to be a reliable and fun, gentle soul. Claud arrives in the afternoon with bubbly, chips and cheese - never unannounced and he apologised when he was early once. We have a drink, a snack and a catchup before a timeous shag. I've become quite fond of him over the last 6 weeks. So has Macro who sees him as meals on wheels.

That brings us to the hoes before bros clause. I don't know Claud's wife or his long term girlfriend (besides cyberstalking them on Facebook), but he must have nerves of steel to be cheating on his wife and his girlfriend. It's not like there are slim pickings. He has proved to be reliable weekly guest and it is all above board on our side. It's quite an onerous responsibility on my part - to potentially be found out by two women. Walk on the wild side I say. 

Mark ended things two weeks after things started with Claud as he was getting very uptight about being caught cheating. Just in time for me to settle into Claud. He got off lightly. I think I upcycled.

I'm pleased. Now if my medication could be that reliable, I'd be delighted. I write this from the Little Pink Motel.