They say Geminis get bored easily. That is a pretty tricky achievement if you love technology - there is always something new. When I get that boring and stereotypical questions at interviews: "what do you see yourself doing in five years time?" *yawn*, my answer is generally "something that doesn't exist yet". My heart also belongs to psychology and the discourses that the Interweb have provided present many new ways of being that I have and will continue to explore. 


In 2003 I did a psychology dissertation on Discourses in Cyberspace - the New Discourses that have arisen as a result of the internet. 

At the time these new discourses included email: always use a greeting and a salutation and don't use ALL CAPS. Apparently, Clinton sent an email to the pope in all caps, which was not received well. 

Secondly, I spoke of SMS - the all caps rule also applies here too. At the time people were just starting to use smileys, and some people were very confused by these random symbols. Someone complained that she didn't understand all the strange symbols in my SMSes. I told her to turn her hair sideways. She literally did! 

Then I spoke of what was then called weblogs - did you know that they used to be called weblogs? I don't think anyone doesn't know what a blog is these days. (If you are an exception, you are reading a blog now!)

I have recently started providing a service of hand-holding, which includes helping the technically-challenged befriend their scary smart devices, teaching them to look after their PCs, helping deserted parents connect by Skype to their loved ones who are overseas, and anything else that seems difficult to them, but comes naturally to me. I managed to grab the early IT wave that many of my 40-something peers missed. I saw a 69 year old woman recently who had just bought an iPhone. We spent time together going through every feature of the iPhone (after I had upgraded it to iOS 7). I thought she was very brave. She had never looked at an iPhone - she started from scratch. Kudos to her!

Remember: technology is your friend!